Doors close and others open; sometimes we need to step away, so that we can take steps in the right direction. Life is a gamble, and you never may know what the future holds, but just know that the future only arrives for those who can let go of the past, for the past and the future are intimately entwined. Our relationship with the future is determined by our relationship with the past. Past, passed; let it go, it’s time to move on. Intimate we must become with mistakes made and lessons learned, only then may we progress, only then may we lay our pain to rest.

I wish I was happy-go-lucky, I wish I was different. All realities first occur inside our mind, we must first desire for that desire to transform potentials into actualities; a desire transformed with our repeated action, or in-action. And still I must sit, and for longer too. I must mariantate in myself and let my juices concentrate, and not readily hand out my energy to anyone; I must conserve and act with care and caution.

Love hurts, no doubt, but what hurts more is holding on. We hold on to sameness because we fear that which is unknown, the which lays beyond the castle walls. We let go of sameness for a princess or knight, in hopes that stability is offered through their conduit soul, but this is an illusion, this is just the same devil dressed different. We must become intimate with ourselves, with the sweat on our brow and the breath in our chest.

Sitting in meditation where my world fades away, in unto itself it folds. The intensity of attention envelopes all woe and worry; my breath breathes for itself and my attention is directed unto itself… and, just like that – I disappear.

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