7 billion countries

Once upon a time, we moved as one amorphous mass, one people with one goal — survival. Survival is the hard constraint under which we all exist, always; however, since those times our technology has evolved to the degree to which our physical bodies are becoming frail and weak — a direct result of this decreased need for physical human input for our survival. We humans used to live in agrarian societies where everyone depended on everyone else for survival, a society within which codependence was not a psychological concept, but rather a way of life. The human-animal operated as a superorganism, with respect to each civilisation, and now we are discrete, separate — we are 7 billion countries.

What do I mean by this?

A country is an autonomous unit, and it possesses boundaries delimiting its geographic territory, trade relationships, its own culture(s), and laws, and if you transgress upon a nation’s territory without permit, you have just invaded foreign soil — you have just initiated war.

Similarly, in the 21st century, the concept of personal boundaries has risen to prominence with religious force, under the doctrine of wellness. You do not depend on others the same as we humans once did, instead, you have trade relationships with our delimited beings — those possessing boundaries, personal identities (personal culture), and laws (what they deem appropriate or not, and is directly related to ideology, religion and/or creed), and to trespass, that is, cross a personal boundary, is tantamount to invasion of a foreign nation. This is evidence that we are countries rather than a people; we are psychological, economic, and physically autonomous regions operating within a geographic boundary — we are 7 billion countries.

The feeling of unity, of a lacking of separateness between you and I, friend and family, family and country no longer exists. Hell, we cannot even agree on what to believe is real or important, nor can we easily tolerate the presence of another who is dissimilar to us, though some make conscious efforts to combat this pernicious quality.

I yearn for an existence of amalgam, of unity — one oneness. I want we humans to operate as an ant colony, as a superorganism once again; this discrete, separate and disconnected existence does not feel good. We are perpetuating a culture of loneliness and isolation — phenomena that are antithetical to the healthy functioning of the human-animal. Our biology demands unity and connection, and so does the future of the human race. We are one people, we are one nation — we are the human race.

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