Learning to fly.

In trepidation I sit, waiting, ruminating – anxious. Prized position held in high regard, we all wanna be the winner of the race. Not a sprint, but a marathon – the most important race of our lives; the one that we truly must get right for we must discern whether our relay partner will be there to catch our hearts, for now and in the future, else we risk disaster and loss. No matter the degree of experience, that uncertainty and doubt still pervades, as if this were a novel experience – as if this were the first time. One must remember that in the pain and loss do we find ourselves, I must remember that no matter the cost, I must stake it all to win the race. I must be willing to fall and fail to be elevated to the highest of heights.

Allow your breath to move through you,

the eternal dynamism of life;

the anchor to that which fluctuates –

the bed upon which all things depend.

Comfort in the movement of the tides,

security in the perspective,

and safety in my breath.

Here we go, up, up, and away;

I am learning to fly.

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