To be loved is to be open,

To the boundless possibilities,

Though I catch myself hopin’,

And so I keep my door open,

I scream and shout in sadness and anger,

But deep down I just want to be close,

My creativity is knows the possibility,

And also the probability,

That you view me as a liability,

I wonder,

Why do I insist on trying?

The pursuit of love and union,

At the risk of ruin and pain,

Though sometimes I’d rather suffer,

Than feel nothing at all.

Willing to fall, to risk it all,

For death is only a momentary conclusion,

Life with you is worth the campaign,

Though we suffer along the way,

Wrong time, again and again,

This polarity, is it coming to a finality?

An oxytocin nuclear fusion,

Is this tale a foregone conclusion?

My heart hopes this story is not yet written,

My heart wishes to rewrite, to edit,

When I’m with you I feel I belong,

I hope this pain isn’t drawn out long,

But that’s life, right?

Sometimes you win,

And sometimes you lose.

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