Untitled #8974

Sometimes it feels like my heart is open or it’s deadbolted and sealed shut. But if you open the door just a little, it flies open and off the hinges. When this happens the energy that surges through me, that courses through my veins fills my mind with fantasies of the possible, of what could be, of visions of you and me. It’s always just a little out of reach, although that’s how it seems to me, but this time I feel it’s different, I hope. I feel obsessive, my mind filled with fantasies of a future that could be, a life lived by you and me. Maybe this time it’s actually possible, maybe this time we can co-create a future in which we both agree, a future where we communicate our wants and needs; a life filled with love and long embrace, wet puppy feet and small sparkly eyes. Surely a life like this is possible, though it takes two to tango, and boy do I want to tango. I want to dance under the stars, holding you in my arms; I want to rest with your head on my chest.

Sometimes I need to write to express, the feelings of obsession and fantasy that are swirling through my head – just wanna connect.

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