governmental emancipation

Feels like I’m stuck on a loop,

Each day in my room like I’m locked in the boot,

Of mum’s car at age 6 or seven,

If It were hotter maybe I would’ve gone to heaven,

Instead jesus blessed me with the mess that be,

2020 21 you see god blessed me with moments of reflection,

and contemplation isolation narcotic fixation and financial calculation,

Ronavirus and isolation got me,

Screaming out your highness for countrywide vac-cin-ation,

Few months before communal celebration and congregation,

Well that’s the ex-pec-tation, else it be ex-ploi-tation,

All I can rely on is exhalation for the explanation til my expiration,

Feels like a whole generation is in hibernation, suicidal ideation,

Self-harm innovation, just kidding I’ve got that mental health inflammation,

Whole communities in liquidation, god offers them the motivation for the revelation,

To negotiate governmental emancipation

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