Invisible damage.

Sometimes it feels like I am the only one who has suffered, although I know this to be false it feels as if it were so. Everyone with their pre-packaged interiorly designed lives with sparkly loving childhoods, it feels so... lonely. Maybe it's because those who suffer like I have do not often overcome circumstance, … Continue reading Invisible damage.

The Tides of Life.

Life is breath, and breath is flux; in, out - forever undulating, well at least until the last breath of life is breathed. To live is to change, literally. The universe is and always has been falling apart; entropy. True in relationships, too. Expectations are artificial, for how can you impose rigidity and structure on … Continue reading The Tides of Life.

Blind spots.

Blind spots, we all have them. Visually, mentally, relationally - we are afflicted. We can believe with certainty that our reality is so, but our blind spots make it possible for this reality to simultaneously not be so. It pains me to know that there is always something that I'm missing. I continuously feel that … Continue reading Blind spots.

Trial, wisdom; test.

As we move through life, we experience pain, trial and tribulation. Negative experiences, bad relationships, failed attempts, financial difficulties, difficulty relating to and reconciling with parents and other relatives; difficult housemates, co-workers, bosses, and confusion over our life purpose, just to name a few. The adversity that we encounter during life has been presented to … Continue reading Trial, wisdom; test.

Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

As we make changes in our lives, in our habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours we change externally too. Over time, we begin to reap the fruits of our labour, materially, physically, emotionally and in particular, relationally. The relationships in our life serve a purpose, be it emotionally, financially, or physically, and so, as our needs … Continue reading Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

Autism, Abstraction, Context, Racism, Marginalisation, George Floyd and Riots.

Growing up, I was a troubled child; delivered diagnosis' of High-Functioning Autism, and ADHD, at age 7. I saw the world in black-and-white binary. Things either were, or they were-not. This is a peculiar way to interact with the world, as the world, as people, as reality struggles to conform to these binaries. I came … Continue reading Autism, Abstraction, Context, Racism, Marginalisation, George Floyd and Riots.

To what end.

We are all moving towards something; an end state, a 'final' destination, consciously or unconsciously. Within each of our thoughts, each of our decisions, and each of our actions lies a fragment of the lie in which we are headed towards. We are in constant motion, but how often do we remain still and consider: … Continue reading To what end.

The Social Brain.

One. To grow, the Human animal requires a change of perception, a change of behaviour; our growth is predicated on the ingestion of new ideas, ideas that change our perception, which, in turn, changes our behaviour. We ingest ideas in the form of the media to which we are exposed; Advertisements, television, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, … Continue reading The Social Brain.