The Exploitation Apologist.

This is a story of the exploitation apologist Her clothes were too revealing they will say She chose to be abused they will add Never once questioning the perpetrator The victim is always to blame The exploitation apologist It's my personal choice he will say What an abhorrent collection of sounds The exploitation apologist Normalising … Continue reading The Exploitation Apologist.

The death march.

This is the age of the individual, Instagram, narcissism, butt-implants, materialism and a consumeristic mentally; welcome to the 21st century. We march forward without hesitation, toward a cliff, of which at the bottom, organised Human life does not exist. We've turned up the thermostat, we've deadbolted the doors from the inside and flushed away the … Continue reading The death march.

Why slavery is not only humane but good for the economy.

“Sold” shouts the auctioneer. As I look my Wife in the eyes, tears running down her face. I’m being taken away, unlikely to see her again. Who am I? I am a commodity, an item, an object. I was born into slavery, just like my father and his father before him; slavery is all I … Continue reading Why slavery is not only humane but good for the economy.