2020 – helluva’ year.

I'm feeling the low grade depression; the corona got me unravelling, The future is bleak - economic depression, Socioeconomic suffering hidden from the public eye, It's crazy that the abstract concept of an economy can afflict, So much damage in reality, People out of work - locked up inside, For the best - I guess, … Continue reading 2020 – helluva’ year.

love x gangsta rap

I want a gangsta bitch, like ride with me til' I die 'ish, yo Like total emotionally vulnerability, like real a healthy dynamic Low-key glances and inside jokes, one glance and you'll drop a Double gauge humour on the play, rolling around the floor like ev-ery-day Corny love poems cross compton, like when I get … Continue reading love x gangsta rap

The king, the dragon and the gold.

The city built with walls keeps out intruders and do-gooders alike; watchtowers along the bulwark unable to tell the difference from afar, yet they seek to take no risk. Nobody in, nobody out. The king's people yearn for the fruits and spoils beyond the city walls, and yet the king refuses and stands tall in … Continue reading The king, the dragon and the gold.