Tender hearts break easily

Why do we open our hearts up when the most likely outcome is pain and suffering? Why do I choose this path, over and over and over and over... have I not learned my lesson... will I ever? Tender hearts break easily, porcelain falls, accidentally, ricocheting off of the tiles; 'twas but an accident, a … Continue reading Tender hearts break easily

The Tides of Life.

Life is breath, and breath is flux; in, out - forever undulating, well at least until the last breath of life is breathed. To live is to change, literally. The universe is and always has been falling apart; entropy. True in relationships, too. Expectations are artificial, for how can you impose rigidity and structure on … Continue reading The Tides of Life.

Love is not enough

Love is not enough. You may experience the most breathtaking attraction to someone, but this, this isn't enough. Nor is compatibility alone enough to support a romantic relationship; you must have both. A relationship with only love, is a relationship where you cannot agree on how life should be, where you should live, and what … Continue reading Love is not enough

Intimacy amplification: non-monogamy is bullshit.

Non-monogamy is bullshit. People have mistaken sex for relationship, and oh how wrong they are. They purport that one person cannot not satisfy all their needs, but, is one person supposed to? Isn't that what friends are for? Energy redirected away from your romantic relationship is depth that cannot be obtained, intimacy that cannot be … Continue reading Intimacy amplification: non-monogamy is bullshit.