D the A (Dylan the Armadillo)

When I feel threatened I close up; I'm actually not that different to a small animal, except that I am definitely not small. My walls go up, and my forcefield is engaged. Away, away, pushing away; reflexively I push. I push to protect, I push to protect my belly, where my organs live. My heart … Continue reading D the A (Dylan the Armadillo)

The Hollow Reverberation.

We Humans are plagued with awareness of self and future. Self-awareness, of our insufficiencies, particularly. An awareness of what is to come, or what is to never reach us... what will never come forth into being. Trepidation and anxiety, served to all Humans on a silver platter; an omnipotent and timeless feast. A feast that … Continue reading The Hollow Reverberation.

Receiving feedback.

Receiving feedback is difficult; no matter how it's delivered. Feedback reveals to us our fallibility, our tenderness, it casts a spotlight upon our errors., and this hurts. It hurts because we immediately become self-conscious, and the light of admiration under which we place ourselves, dims slightly. We realise that we weren't shining as bright as … Continue reading Receiving feedback.