Modern Problems, Modern Solutions (Universal Basic Income).

Technology has fundamentally changed how we live; how we communicate, share information and work has fundamentally shifted. Artificial Intelligence and automation are coming for your jobs, and they're running; technology does not improve in a linear manner, it improves exponentially. If technology improves linearly, then it stands to reason that the level at which AI … Continue reading Modern Problems, Modern Solutions (Universal Basic Income).

Why living authentically is an effective survival strategy.

The world is a complex and difficult place, especially when you lack a support network. A multitude of things become orders of magnitude times easier to navigate when you have a network of people that you can rely on. You may be thinking, "how does one find and develop this network?". One word. Authenticity. That's … Continue reading Why living authentically is an effective survival strategy.


The nature of existence is entropy, a ever present game of molecular disorder, of which is fundamentally changing the Universe, in which we live, moment to moment. If entropy is the default state of being, then it is true that things change across time; they change around us... they change from beneath us. The only … Continue reading Change.

The life simplified.

Once I was obsessed with movement, in the truest sense; my mind danced the cha-cha with dreams of success. Tense, pent up energy, manifesting as movement, moving around, searching for something outside of myself to soothe the existential dread. I believed that I was not enough, and to become enough I must become successful, for then, I … Continue reading The life simplified.

The death march.

This is the age of the individual, Instagram, narcissism, butt-implants, materialism and a consumeristic mentally; welcome to the 21st century. We march forward without hesitation, toward a cliff, of which at the bottom, organised Human life does not exist. We've turned up the thermostat, we've deadbolted the doors from the inside and flushed away the … Continue reading The death march.