Life is but a moment.

People often think that success occurs at a singular point in time, as if it were an elevator; a sudden causal event on which all responsibility rests. This can't be further from the truth. The same can be said for the descent into hell; not a cliff, but a slow descent into fire and brimstone. … Continue reading Life is but a moment.

Twenty four.

I really like being twenty-four. Eighteen to twenty-two was a roller-coaster, a crazy ride full of ups and downs, and in the background, an uptempo soundtrack did play. A soundtrack which played, spinning on the record player, until finally reaching the end. No more sound played. Sunshine, dismay, realisation and growth were the hallmark of … Continue reading Twenty four.

You are a work of art.

Art is neither good nor bad, it just is. It is a unique creation, unlike anything else that has ever existed. To judge, to compare, you must judge and compare in reference to something. We only know the light because of the dark; we only know the hot because of the cold; we only know … Continue reading You are a work of art.

Black holes.

Nothing can escape the gravitational pull of self-centeredness; nobody can escape your selfish stranglehold. I watch my comfort and happiness creep toward your event horizon, you are a black hole. Your self-centeredness drags everything inward, never to escape. Your vibrational frequency repels me, an early warning. You must remain at an arm's length, for if … Continue reading Black holes.

The pedestals on which we place.

When we place others on pedestals we simultaneously devalue ourselves. We place them above us, we tell ourselves that they are above us, they are better than, they are the 'other', the exception to the rule. This is a devaluation of ourselves because we are asserting that there isn't an even playing field, they are … Continue reading The pedestals on which we place.

Dogs and Cats.

To consider alternate viewpoints, and what a strange thing it is to be so attracted to a mind wide open; a deep-seated curiosity, supported by healthy scepticism makes for a polished mind. A subtle groan in disbelief prompts inquiry, discussion ensues, and with that, the deep curious fire within me is stoked. Subtleties are hard … Continue reading Dogs and Cats.