Blind spots.

Blind spots, we all have them. Visually, mentally, relationally - we are afflicted. We can believe with certainty that our reality is so, but our blind spots make it possible for this reality to simultaneously not be so. It pains me to know that there is always something that I'm missing. I continuously feel that … Continue reading Blind spots.

You must WORK.

If you want to reach the highest heights - you must work. You must grind harder than anyone. You must work intelligently and you must adapt to changing circumstances, pivoting to further your mission, else risk losing effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately falling by the way side. Blood thirsty hounds are hot on your trail, and … Continue reading You must WORK.

Trial, wisdom; test.

As we move through life, we experience pain, trial and tribulation. Negative experiences, bad relationships, failed attempts, financial difficulties, difficulty relating to and reconciling with parents and other relatives; difficult housemates, co-workers, bosses, and confusion over our life purpose, just to name a few. The adversity that we encounter during life has been presented to … Continue reading Trial, wisdom; test.

Fear, or growth?

Do not choose comfort over fear, over growth. A life lived in comfort is a life drowned in stagnant water, and stagnant water isn't fit for consumption, this is where dreams go to die. The choices of others to suffocate themselves in comfort are not reflective of your worth, of your value. No, these people … Continue reading Fear, or growth?

Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

As we make changes in our lives, in our habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours we change externally too. Over time, we begin to reap the fruits of our labour, materially, physically, emotionally and in particular, relationally. The relationships in our life serve a purpose, be it emotionally, financially, or physically, and so, as our needs … Continue reading Onwards and upwards: connecting different.