How free do we really want to be?

Is total freedom really the best way for a society to be constituted? If we had true freedom we would not require things as laws to govern thebehaviour of others, and so, it is clear that we are willing to trade somefreedom for some protection. This makes sense because safety is our highestneed, and if … Continue reading How free do we really want to be?

The hero’s journey.

All the world's a stage: complex characters having continual entrances and exits. Some scripts, simple and uninviting, yet the characters are constant, such that you can expect similar behaviour throughout scenes. There is no mystery there. Some scripts jump off of the page and burn themselves into your mind. These characters force you to the … Continue reading The hero’s journey.

Positive Resonance.

Uncertainly certain that something was amiss, certainly certain that I was remiss; set your house in order and you too can feel bliss. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, and clean up your room. Tend to that which you have neglected, and shine a light on the dark corners of your being and illuminate … Continue reading Positive Resonance.

Embrace failure.

The boy raises his hand in response to the teacher's question. The boy answers. Swiftly, the teacher responds "incorrect!". Silence befalls the room. His peers snigger. Children...(Dunning–Kruger effect). -------------------------------------------------------- Why do you flee from incorrectness, as if it were fire? What properties does incorrectness possess that are undesirable or harmful? Perhaps..."It is embarrassing to be … Continue reading Embrace failure.