Forgive like you wish to be forgiven.

What does it mean to forgive? Not in a flippant, half-hearted lip-service way, but to really forgive. Those who trespass against us, even the bible said we must forgive them, and yet it is difficult. We perceive situations of transgression, error, fault and betrayal as being consciously orchestrated against little old us, as if it … Continue reading Forgive like you wish to be forgiven.

Sensory sensations.

Sensory sensations arising in my conscious awareness, reverberating throughout my field of awareness, infusing with my psychophysiology. All consuming, immersive and overwhelming, this is better than its opposite - thought, thinking, words and grammatical forms. Dip my toes in your waters, my feet pressed on your sands; my lips drinking from your vanilla chai soul. … Continue reading Sensory sensations.