Investing: Teladoc Health, financial analysis (Part 2).

This article is not investment advice, it merely details my own thought process of a company, for myself, to reflect on my own approach; this was published purely for entertainment purposes. *All prices are in USD **At the time of writing this I do not own any shares in Teladoc Health (TDOC). This is part … Continue reading Investing: Teladoc Health, financial analysis (Part 2).

Spanian – Yogitzu #rap Who is Spanian? Spanian, The adlay philosopher, Watch your back, Or he might jump on top o' ya, Barbell and blood cell, Intel or get well, Mans got, a trillion nerve cells, You might hate, checkmate, Creatin' a magnate, Straight dilate ya blind date, Hydrate ya soul mate, mutate her heart rate, ya … Continue reading Spanian – Yogitzu #rap