On changing.

The environment within which we were raised, as a child, teenager, and until now, is the same environment that has resulted, in part, in our current configuration. This environmental constitution elicits particular behaviours from us, resulting in particular perspectives and ways of viewing and interacting with reality. Within this environment we are only able to … Continue reading On changing.

Love is not enough

Love is not enough. You may experience the most breathtaking attraction to someone, but this, this isn't enough. Nor is compatibility alone enough to support a romantic relationship; you must have both. A relationship with only love, is a relationship where you cannot agree on how life should be, where you should live, and what … Continue reading Love is not enough

Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

As we make changes in our lives, in our habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours we change externally too. Over time, we begin to reap the fruits of our labour, materially, physically, emotionally and in particular, relationally. The relationships in our life serve a purpose, be it emotionally, financially, or physically, and so, as our needs … Continue reading Onwards and upwards: connecting different.