Trial, wisdom; test.

As we move through life, we experience pain, trial and tribulation. Negative experiences, bad relationships, failed attempts, financial difficulties, difficulty relating to and reconciling with parents and other relatives; difficult housemates, co-workers, bosses, and confusion over our life purpose, just to name a few. The adversity that we encounter during life has been presented to … Continue reading Trial, wisdom; test.

Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

As we make changes in our lives, in our habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours we change externally too. Over time, we begin to reap the fruits of our labour, materially, physically, emotionally and in particular, relationally. The relationships in our life serve a purpose, be it emotionally, financially, or physically, and so, as our needs … Continue reading Onwards and upwards: connecting different.

Intimacy amplification: non-monogamy is bullshit.

Non-monogamy is bullshit. People have mistaken sex for relationship, and oh how wrong they are. They purport that one person cannot not satisfy all their needs, but, is one person supposed to? Isn't that what friends are for? Energy redirected away from your romantic relationship is depth that cannot be obtained, intimacy that cannot be … Continue reading Intimacy amplification: non-monogamy is bullshit.