How free do we really want to be?

Is total freedom really the best way for a society to be constituted? If we had true freedom we would not require things as laws to govern thebehaviour of others, and so, it is clear that we are willing to trade somefreedom for some protection. This makes sense because safety is our highestneed, and if … Continue reading How free do we really want to be?

On changing.

The environment within which we were raised, as a child, teenager, and until now, is the same environment that has resulted, in part, in our current configuration. This environmental constitution elicits particular behaviours from us, resulting in particular perspectives and ways of viewing and interacting with reality. Within this environment we are only able to … Continue reading On changing.

Collaboration over competition – #YogiBars

Collaboration over competition is a worthy addition, The success of another is not an attrition, This affirmation is the spoken petition, That collaboration is a worthy expression, And the success of another is the success of myself, You and I, brahman - we are oneself, Competition is an unhealthy expression, Only through collaboration can we … Continue reading Collaboration over competition – #YogiBars

Power: Collaboration over competition, a brief introduction.

So, you've finally acknowledged your dictatorial thirst for power eh? The ability to mould the world in your image, as if you were higher-than, as if it were preordained; as if you were god. No worries - it happens to the best of us. This is why those pesky Spartan Greeks developed the separation of … Continue reading Power: Collaboration over competition, a brief introduction.